Dave Double Decks Bradley

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You can meet up with me this Sunday 4th February at The Norton Grange Hotel & Spa Wedding Fayre in Castleton, Rochdale, Lancashire

Dave "Double Decks" BradleyWhat or who is “Double Decks”

Hi folks, if your looking for Wedding DJ in Manchester or even a Wedding DJ in Cheshire, let me introduce myself.  I’m Dave “Double Decks”Bradley a fun, popular and well respected all round wedding and function DJ. I’m very well established and known in the North West of England, however, should I get called to work away, I can and will “have wage, will travel”.

I’m resident at three different venues and a regular visitor to many more generally in the Manchester and Cheshire area.

I adopted the name “Double Decks” back in the 80’s when I was still very much playing vinyl, before the onset of CD’s. In those days a twin or set of double decks were big and heavy pieces of equipment.

These days I happily spin the virtual wheels-of-steel via a laptop pc. Happily, it enables me to offer a much bigger music collection than any previous ones due to a massive hard drive, Oh Er Mrs!

I’m not a shrinking violet by any stretch of the imagination and love to get involved with the people I play to. It could be a wedding, birthday, anniversary or general party night. Whatever the event I try to interact as much as people would like. I’m quite vocal and you could say that I have the-gift-of-the-gab, but in the same respects, I know when to shut up and reel myself in.

I have many strings to my bow. I’m very experienced and quite proficient at each string as well.

  • DJ
  • Presenter
  • Voice Over Artist
  • Quiz Master
  • Interviewer

I’m a proverbial “workaholic”. I can’t stay sat down for too long.

Through my job as a DJ I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to be invited, involved and worked on a great many projects. These include bit parts in a few popular TV series. I’ve also appeared on a TV game-shows alongside internationally famous Donny Osmond. Through my charity work I have worked with some very well know TV presenters at a number of high profile charities and fundraising events.